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Mold Removal

Potomac Restoration specializes in mold removal, mold remediation and mold testing & inspections.Our certified mold removal experts will not only treat visible mold but can also perform indoor air quality testing to detect mold spores and other indoor air contaminents, use infared scanners to perform moisture & leak detection and use state of the art equipment for drying & structural

Water Damage

Potomac Restoration is a certified flood and water damage restoration company and we have assisted thousands of home and property owners through the dificult process of water damage restoration and flood cleanup. Our response times are lighting quick, we offer competitive pricing and we will assist you through each step of your property or home insurance claim..

Fire Damage

Potomac Restoration have had 19 years experience in smoke & fire restoration of buildings and contents following fire emergencies and have decontaminated thousands of properties from single rooms to large supermarkets and offices.Potomac Restoration is professionally trained and equiped to help you restore your property and aid you through this very difficult time.

Emergency Services

Potomac  is available to help you recover from disaster 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With our professional restoration services, you get immediate response to your fire, water, or storm damage. Our full-service team of professional and attentive first-responders perform cleanup and board up service, repair and remodeling, solving all your restoration needs with just one call..

Mold Removal and Restoration Potomac

We offer 24/7 emergency fire damage restoration services in Potomac , Washington DC, and Virginia .

Incredible Service And High-Quality Work
Our basement tenant discovered mold on a couple of her things. We had renovated the basement 5 years earlier and had never had a drop of water down there. When Sharon did the moisture reading, we were devastated to learn that there was moisture in the walls of the basement and that the floor and exterior walls required remediation. Sharon and his team were communicative every step of the way, providing photos and discussing the process in great detail. We also hired them for the re-build, which they completed on a time-restraint (new tenant moving in). The entire process of remediation and re-build was completed in under 4 weeks. They were kind and communicative the entire time - I cannot say enough about their quality product and exceptional customer service. We will hire them again for additions or any structural work. Sharon provided other reliable contractors (ie. plumber and waterproofer), which complimented the project. We are comforted knowing that our space is completely moisture-proof and also looks great! The most positive experience we have ever had with a contractor. Thanks, Sharon and team!

Great And Professional
Sharon and his team did our mold remediation and flooring/tiling in our small 50square foot third floor that contained all of our hvac and laundry, in our townhome. They were the most professional and courteous workers we've ever had do renos with. They cleaned up after themselves perfectly, were extremely friendly and our dog Bradley enjoyed having them here..maybe a little too much. They showed me what they were doing before they did it and showed me afterwards what was done. They even fixed things like a leaky braided line to our washing machine when they tested it after reinstallation. I will recommend mold.ca to anyone who needs this kind of service.!

Restoration Following Water Damage
Potomac Damage Restoration responded immediately to water damage in our strata. Rimond and his company's competence and professionalism were outstanding in all stages of the restoration. Top level equipment was installed right away, instructions/explanations to strata members were clear and the team was competent, professional, courteous. All aspects of the restoration were efficient and well researched. In my home they sourced, matched & installed flooring used 6 years ago; and before doing so ensured I okay'd the product. And, they accommodated a commitment I had for guests, ensuring they had my place ready to go. Each and every one of their workers were trustworthy, skilled and professional. I can't say enough about this company's service. Thank you Rimond!


Water Ingress
During a couple of extreme winter storms my neighbour and I noticed some water in our ceiling areas we called Rimond on a Saturday for help. He was prompt attentive and efficient. He identified the source, later dried out the area and had his drywall/painters restore the homes. All his people are quite efficient. We are grateful for Rimond assistance.

Flood Restoration
Our toilet overflowed and the water went into two bedrooms and down through the ceiling into the kitchen. On Side was there in about an hour and from that point on, they worked hard to get our house back to it's original condition. Great people - friendly and informative. I hope I never need restoration services again, but if I do, it will be with On Side.

Reliable Services

We provide professional damage restoration in the state of Potomac and Washington DC with a team of experienced builders, engineers and craftsman at affordable pricing.

Get a free estimate for any restoration work in a home or a business anywhere in Potomac , Virginia and DC.

24/7 emergency service for any restoration work in a home or a business anywhere in Potomac , Virginia and DC.

Certification through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)

24/7 Restoration Service

Looking for an open damage restoration expert? Contact Potomac Damage Restoration today! We provide emergency damage restoration services 24/7.

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